Artworks: Balta Nakts. Kunst oder Unfall - Konzertperformance, Riga, Former National Library, 2015

A collaboration of White Nights Festival Riga / The Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art - Survival K(n)it Art Festival / Poetry Festival Riga, Latvia / Lettland

Sound and poetry reading perfomance by Kalle Laar, Augusta Laar, Inguna Rubene and Liāna Langa.
Poems by Juris Boiko, Hardijs Ledins, Augusta Laar and Liana Langa. Dedicated to the Year of Hardijs Lediņš.

Former National Library (kādreizējā LNB ēkā), Krišjāņa Barona iela 14, Riga, Latvia

In 1982, together with Juris Boiko Lediņš founded the legendary Latvian artists group NSRD: Nebijušu Sajūtu Restaurēšanas Darbnīca - "Restoration Workshop of Feelings Never Known". Both artists died too young, Boiko in 2002 at the age of 48, Lediņš in 2004 at 49. They were pioneers of Latvian avantgarde art since the 1970s, and their influence in music and various art forms is still very strong. The LCCA, Latvijas Laikmetīgās mākslas centrs / Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art, dedicated the year 2015 to Hardijs Lediņš, celebrating the life of this unique artists with various performances, panels and exhibitions as well ae reenacting many of thenow classic NSRD performances. (latvian)


Kalle Laar (who is half-Latvian) met Hardijs Lediņš together with Juris Boiko accidentally for the first time in 1988 in Berlin, when they participated in the exhibition "RIGA-Latvian Avantgarde" at the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst. They invited him right away to participate in a performance scheduled for the next day. This encounter led to an invitation by Lediņš and Boiko to Riga, where Kalle attended an NSRD performance at the former Japanese embassy.

Here Kalle met Inguna Černova (also a member of NSRD) and her band "19 gadi pirms sākuma“, joining them for some concerts in Riga and Berlin over the next couple of years, and thereby witnessing the fall of the Iron Curtain. Inguna and 19 gadi member Daiga Mazvērsīte joined Kalle at Jazz Festival Pärnu in 1991, and a year later he gave a concert with his duo partner Takashi Kazamaki at the gallery Kolonna in Riga, the first independent gallery of modern art in Latvia, organized by Juris Boiko and Inguna Černova.

Liāna Langa und Hardijs Lediņš


In their performances Kunst oder Unfall (Augusta Laar, poetry, toys, electronics, Kalle Aldis Laar, electronisc guitar) merge different art forms. Music, poetry, installation art and video are blended into a unique form best referred to as an electro-acoustic poetry performance. On a regular basis they invite other artists to their performances. In Riga, Liāna Langa and Inguna Černova (on bassoon and flute) will join them on occasion of both the Poetry Days as well as the Hardijs Lediņš-Year.

Liāna Langa is one of the most important contemporary Latvian poets and an important voice of the Latvian intellectual community. She has collaborated with her friends Hardijs Lediņš and Juris Boiko in their time, she has published many poetry books, her books have been translated to english and german, a new collection if german translations is due for next year. She will take part at the Schamrock-Festival of Women Poets in 2016.

Augusta and Liāna will contribute poetic texts, Liāna will additionally read some poetry by Juris Boiko and Hardijs Lediņš. We all feel that the performance-idea of Kunst oder Unfall and its Riga-version is very much in line with the thoughts and concepts of Hardijs Lediņš, thus forming a bond crossing time and space.

Koncerts apvienības "Kunst oder Unfall" ("Māksla vai negadījums") performance, kas tiks īstenota sadarbībā ar "Dzejas dienām 2015". Atsaucoties uz Hardija Lediņa un NSRD daiļradi, mūzika tiks savienota ar dzejas, instalācijas un video elementiem, radot elektroakustisku dzejas performanci. Apvienības kodolu veido mākslinieku pāris no Vācijas – Kalle un Augusta Lāri, kuriem "Baltajā naktī" pievienosies dzejniece un publiciste Liāna Langa un mūziķe Inguna Rubene, kādreizējā NSRD dalībniece.