installation a2
Juli 2004: Second Architectural Week A2
The second architects week A2 had as a leitmotiv City in flux. Following the successfull concept of its predecessor A1 the diverse program was presented in Munich and other Bavarian cities
Works by Kalle Laar: Opening event, The Phantom Ticket & Talking Windows

For the opening dj wallpaper aka Kalle Laar mixes live-electronics and turntables into
grey, a special kind of musique d’ameublement. Inspired by the architecture, the materials and proportions sounds are presented, that are changing the character and perception of the space like light and colours do.
1. Entrance hall Arcis street:

The Phantom Ticket
The Phantom Ticket is an invitation to approach a space not only on a visual level but also through its acoustic properties. The impressive entrance hall of the building is characterised by its huge and bright courtyard. Rooms are invisibly arranged on three levels around the galleries. Seen from the ground floor the interior architecture produces an abstract and hermetic graphic picture. The installation assigns sounds to the three stories (closed to the public), intruding rather discreetly while giving the space acoustic contours and thus providing a possibility for a new experience. There is no visual intervention, all technical components are invisible. The abstract and hermetic aspects remain intact.
2. Oktagonally arranged display system, inside the main building

Talking Windows II
The installation Talking Windows transforms parts of the architecture of a given space into a sounding object. Special made small vibrating drivers are attached to different surfaces, making them resonate with the sounds transported from a sound source via loudspeaker cables to the driver. Thus the surface itself with the driver becomes a loudspeaker, the properties of the material and its resonating qualities determinig the loudness and quality of sound. The architecture begins to talk.

For more on this system go to architecture parlante
For the Munich Architectural Week 2004 a group of large empty displays were transformed into a sounding environment. Located in the former Centre of Mathematics of the Munich University, these unusual displays formed an octagonal space one could enter, a talking body.